Research and References

LoTi Initiative

The LoTi (Levels of Teaching Innovation) is a nationally-recognized framework used to measure instructional practices. The district is incorporating the LoTi framework to provide quantifiable data and inform our ongoing professional development efforts. Read more ➮ 
From time-to-time we will post interesting and/or useful articles and links that have relevance to technology in the realm of education. 

National Technology Plan 2010

International Society for Technology in Education Standards

New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards, Technology

New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards, 21st-Century Life and Careers

New Jersey State Technology Plan

Ian Jukes: 21st Century Fluency Project: This source has books, presentation outlines, and general instructional design guidelines

A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink: Book discussing the brain, instruction, and 21st century job skills

Canby School District Example: Read about positive results from an iPod implementation in 3rd grade

Eugene School District 4j in Oregon: Using iPod's To Increase Reading Comprehension

Involve, Prepare, Apply, and Develop: iPads in the Classroom: An article highlighting iPad's use with special needs.

Social Media In Schools: Interesting discussion on the integration of social media tools within the classroom

Horizon Report 2011 K-12 Edition: This report has a large section about the rise of mobile computing trends in K-12 education.