Parent Resources

 HELP LINE - 1-877-914-MOM2 (1-877-914-6662)

“Mom 2 Mom” is a 24-hour helpline for mothers of children with special needs that was recently launched by the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ). The women who serve as peer counselors when answering calls have their own children with special needs.  By dialing 1-877-914-6662, a mother or father of a child with special needs will receive the following services:

Mom 2 Mom Peer Support- M2M Peer Supporters will be available to provide telephone peer support to callers in need. Moms of special needs children trained in peer counseling and crisis support will offer peer support, explain resources, and explore your needs. Mom 2 Mom peer support is also available through their website for a live chat experience.

Mom 2 Mom Clinical Assessment - M2M Clinicians will be on the helpline as part of the team of clinical professionals available to do telephonic assessment and gauge the depression, anxiety, and family and marital issues, and so forth, that may be impacting your life.

Mom 2 Mom Network- A M2M database of specially trained service providers will be available for referrals for your mental health needs.

MOM 2 MOM Support Groups- Within your communities, Mom Peer Supporters will be available every month for Mom 2 Mom support groups.

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