Patrick McGaheran School

The Clinton Township School District collected water samples for lead from all drinking water outlets at Patrick McGaheran School on June 24, 2017. ALS Environmental laboratory tested the samples between July 6, 2017 and July 7, 2017. Some of the water outlets were found to have lead levels that exceeded the EPA action limit. Below you will find the results of the lead testing and a letter from Clinton Township School District outlining the corrective actions being taken.

Please note: While some of the drinking water outlets contain higher than acceptable lead amounts, all remedial actions will be completed before the beginning of school.

Patrick McGaheran Well Water Test Information

Patrick McGaheran School Lead Notification Letter

ALS Environmental Laboratory Certificate of Analysis

Patrick McGaheran School Lead Testing Results

August 2017 Update:

All remedial action is complete, and there is no further action needed.

September 2017 Update:

Lead Cert Sept 2017

Lead Tap Water Monitoring Consumer Notice of Results Sept 2017