Curriculum and Instruction

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Joanne Hinkle, Supervisor of Instruction, Data, and Assessment
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As curriculum is completed and adopted by the Clinton Township Board of Education, it will be available on our public curriculum website located at:

Curriculum Updates

Summer Curriculum Writing
During the summer of 2016, we will be working on the curriculum development for the Next Generation Science standards as well as our math curriculum.  We will be forming teams of teachers to work with the curriculum department in the streamlining and the development of the curricula.

Because this is an ongoing and active process, work will continue throughout the school year.  Each summer, our office will continue this practice using a defined cycle of review.

NJ Standards Update
New Jersey will begin using the New Jersey Student Learning Standards, which will outline what skills students should learn in each grade level. It has been reported that the NJ Standards have few variations from the Common Core and that about 84% of those CCSS will remain in place.  There will also be some modifications that may adjust the grade level for some of the standards.  These new standards are slated for adoption for the 2017 - 2018 school year.

For more details on NJ Standards, please visit NJ DOE's NJ Student Learning Standards.